“If I can stop one heart from breaking, or cool one pain… I shall not live in vain”
-Emily Dickenson

Welcome! This is a High Vibe space dedicated to saving the world, one person at a time, one adventure at a time. The products and sessions offered through Golden Gaian LLC. are an opportunity for couples, individuals, and teenagers to create lasting change in their lives.

In a supportive and safe, therapeutic environment I offer exercises in awareness, education, and unconditional positive regard, one will learn new ways to reclaim the lost self and awaken to the High Vibe Human within.

~ In a world that is uncertain sometimes the only person we can trust is our own self, and even then we doubt ourselves. That’s why the mission is to ….
“Stay Healthy, Stay Light, and Don’t Give up the Fight”

“Hi! I would just like to say that your class last week was amazing! It has completely changed the way I am viewing my life. I feel like you gave us a huge jolt of positive vibes right when we needed it the most and have sent us on a new path.
Thank you! I’m so happy we met and that we were able to attend your class.
Keep fighting the good fight! Hope you have a great day!” – Sarah Carman

(2018 Maryland, In-Person Group)

Maryland Stress Group

It’s not easy finding competent people to help with your problems. This is why I fix my problems on my own. It’s harder yet more effective. Breezy gave me her time the same way I give my time to myself, with full attention and patience. She is very experienced in helping people the right way. This isn’t a 9 to 5 for her, this shit is life for her. It’s not what she does but it’s who she is. Her tips and ideas are plenty as they are helpful.



~ Topher (Holistic Consultation) ~

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