Thank You Maryland!

The Stress Educational group was a success!

I want to extend special thanks to those that came and shared their experiences with stress. Learning about stress is the easy part. The hard part is understanding how stress affects us on a physiological level as well as an emotional level. Then learning techniques to help reduce the negative impact of stress.

Thank you to the brave participants who were vulnerable and open to sharing. It was powerful learning together the ways we cope when we are stressed out.

Psychoeducation Stress group: Types of Stress


I had a lot of fun working with the community in Cumberland, Maryland. Thank you for making my visit so welcoming~

I can say with certainty that I will be coming back! And I will be sure to have two days of Angel Card readingsĀ as well as longer groups with more activities~

Thank you, Cumberland, for a wonderful experience. I have learned many things from Maryland and look forward to visiting again. Please stay in touch!

If you would like to book a Stress Education Group for your company or community, please visit the |SESSIONS| Page for booking information.

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