|Angel Card Readings|

Angel Card readings
This healing package includes a guided relaxation, a three card angel reading, and time to discuss and reflect on the cards. By exploring the symbols behind the angel cards, the client may begin to understand themes in their lives and find deeper meaning. These cards open the door to our subconscious, allowing us to deepen our self-awareness.

  • 30-minute session                     $17
  • 50-minute session                     $35
  • Starter Package                         $77
    • Six (6) 30-min Sessions or Three (3) 50-minute sessions


Angel Card Reading

This is a 30-minute session utilizing talk therapy and angelic energy to create a healing environment. Connect with the angels and hear the divine message meant for you.


Angel Card Reading (Extended)

In this 60-min session, the angels will listen to the troubles that weight on your heart. This intimate connection dives deeper into the concern or situation, allowing the angels to give their opinion. Additionally, there will be time to digest and discuss what the angels bring forth.


Starter Package

The weather is shifting, and so are our lives! The energy of 2018 has been intense and many influences from politics to the galactic energy from space, influence our auras’. The angels are here to help guide us. However, they need our permission to do so! The Summer Starter Package is six (6) half-hour sessions or three (3) 50-minute sessions. This is a $20 discount, that is yours to personalize. This healing package explores the process of getting more connected with your personal guides and angels. Each session is designed to develop sensitivity to the angels’ messages and cultivate personal understanding. In a session, a meditation is done in order to train the mind to connect with the divine. Then, a card reading reveals the special message from the angels. The last session will summarize the progress made in throughout the process.