Prepared – COVID 19

Hello High Vibe Humans,As a Holistic Health Professional I will include some information here to help you discern the current threat level. Please refer to your county or city health officials for further instruction, the CDC is a great resource for information. I, personally, listen to the World Health Organization announcements to stay up to… Continue reading Prepared – COVID 19

… Benevolent Sexism …

Benevolent Sexism What prompted me to write about this topic today is not some inherent distaste for men. What motivated me to write this was the psychological desire to process the discomfort I felt during one particular interaction. This is not a "man-hating" article. This is about my personal experience and how it helped me… Continue reading … Benevolent Sexism …

NEW Podcast Episode: Doorway To Self

Hey High Vibe Humans, After some technical difficulties, the MAY Podcast is finally released~ Join me as I interview High Vibe Human Rachel Leah Gerson, a Metaphysical Practitioner, and Counseling Master's Student. You can listen to the Full Episode HERE. Rachel has been working as a Psychic since she was a teen. It was only… Continue reading NEW Podcast Episode: Doorway To Self

Thank You Maryland!

The Stress Educational group was a success! I want to extend special thanks to those that came and shared their experiences with stress. Learning about stress is the easy part. The hard part is understanding how stress affects us on a physiological level as well as an emotional level. Then learning techniques to help reduce… Continue reading Thank You Maryland!

Featured: Awakening with the Girls

Introducing a new segment on Bring Me 2 Life Network! Awakening with the Girls Podcast is representing the feminine perspective in the shift in consciousness. Hosted by Breezy and Shannon Shine! Join the adventure as we discuss the awakening from a feminine perspective. Topics include female empowerment, metaphysics, holistic health, self development! NEW EPISODES JUNE… Continue reading Featured: Awakening with the Girls

-Travel Workshop-

Hey there High Vibe Humans! I am happy to announce an opportunity for us to share space! On March 7th I will be in Cumberland, Maryland giving a two-session psychoeducational workshop on stress and stress management. Spots are limited so be sure to reserve yours >NOW! < The workshop will be held at MountainShine Creative,… Continue reading -Travel Workshop-