Dates for upcoming workshops, speaking events, and retreats!
Sharing space is very powerful! Let’s connect in person where we can share and appreciate each other’s energy.  Healing is a personal and vulnerable process and the best environment for personal healing is within a community of supportive and understanding individuals. In the process of coming together, we can help each other heal. Connect with other high vibe humans by attending a community event! Check the list below and Find an event near you.


Past Events


  • Electric Forest 2018 | Rothbury, Michigan |  June 21 – 24th & June 28th – July 1st 
    • Art Bar Host – Meet me in The Forest and make art! Let’s create some magical memories together and commemorate them with a photo!

    Psychoeducational Stress Workshop March 7, 2018

– Mad Tea Party Jam 6 “Fill your cup with Empowerment” Workshop

– Sweet Grass Sage Burn “Fill your cup with Empowerment” Workshop

-Electric Forest weekend one Art Bar host

– Mad Tea Party Jam 5 “Fill your cup with Empowerment” and “Healing Thru Hula Hooping”

-Three Days of Light Festival “Fill your cup with Empowerment”


Brianna- “Breezy”- considers herself to be a facilitator of joy and personal discovery. The goal is to inspire individuals to empower themselves by engaging them in activities that tap into the dimensions of Mind, Body, and Spirit. In this way, holistic healing can take place. Join Breezy on her Golden Gaian Adventure to save the world, one person at a time, one adventure at a time.