Crystals and stones can be used to reduce worry and doubt, and increase positive self-efficacy. Using cutting-edge piezoelectric science, Brianna has designed this jewelry line to specifically target and heal stagnant or negative energy.

Choose your crystal combination:

  • Spread Love: Rose Quartz, Aventurine, hematite
    • Increase Love for self and life, Luck, optimistic trust; Protection
  • Angel Adventure: Aventurine, Fluorite, hematite
    • Optimistic trust in the universe to go outside comfort zone; protection from lower energies on the personal journey; Protect psychic energy, heightens intuition; Grounding
  • Golden Gaian: Goldstone, Peridot, Hematite
    • Revitalizes the Sacral Chakra, Independence & self empowerment; Reduces stress & burn out, patron stone of healers; grounding protection
  • Stay Healthy: Fluorite, Malachite, black tourmaline
  • Stay Light: Quartz, Labradorite, hematite
  • Focused Fight: Tigers Eye, rose quartz, black Tourmaline
  • High Vibe Healer: Howlite, quartz, black tourmaline


WARNING:  Wearing this line of crystal adornments may result in lowered blood pressure and reduced hyper-arousal. Other side effects may include feelings of connection, calm, and general High Vibes.

Custom Golden Gaian Bracelet

Choose from a selection of specially paired crystal combinations to assist in raising your vibration. This High Vibe accessory can affect the body on a physiological and psychological level.



Show the world you're dedicated to raising consciousness by proudly displaying this sticker. A bright rendition of the Golden Gaian Logo featuring the high vibe human motto "Stay Healthy, Stay Light, and don't give up the fight". Show your High Vibe Human spirit with this sticker adorning your laptop, notebook, phone case, or bumper. Get your sticker and support the Golden Gaian Adventure!