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It’s not easy finding competent people to help with your problems. This is why I fix my problems on my own. It’s harder yet more effective. Breezy gave me her time the same way I give my time to myself, with full attention and patience. She is very experienced in helping people the right way. This isn’t a 9 to 5 for her, this shit is life for her. It’s not what she does but it’s who she is. Her tips and ideas are plenty as they are helpful.



~ Topher (Holistic Consultation) ~

Thank you so much again Briannaaaa💜. For your page I want to say….you have a unique ability to bring eastern and western healing together to form tangible solutions for anyone’s bumps and humps in life…such a remarkably short time it took for you to help me come up with some areas in my life I’ve been neglecting internal and external. You are great at summarizing and explaining the cards simply then expanding on them in an appropriate manner as well.


~ Jenna (Consultation) ~

“During My session, I was given clarity in my situation. I was able to see the situation, and Breezy helped me see what I can do to make it work best for me. She is very Talented.”

(5/21/2018 Angel Card Session)

~ Wyatt (Angel Session) ~

I did an angel card reading with Breezy for the first time recently. I was totally unfamiliar with the process but intrigued and wanted to experience something new and get a fresh perspective on some struggles in my life. Breezy walked me through the process in a welcoming way. She had three decks for me to choose from and I chose the Archangel deck after she explained the differences between the deck options.

She first led me through a mediation to get my thoughts and body-centered, then guided me through the reading. We spoke about my life and Breezy was an attentive, empathetic listener. Using the archangel cards, she provided insight into my situation coupled with her background in psychotherapy. The deck didn’t dominate our conversation; the cards served more as a guide as we worked through processing my burning questions.

I enjoyed speaking with Breezy. She is warm, inviting, and easy to open up to. Her knowledge of the cards is thorough and I left the session with plenty to reflect on and think through. Not only that, but Breezy was helpful in providing me with some daily practices to help me remain in a positive mindset.

(05/10/2018 Video Chat)

~ Shelby (Angel Session) ~

“My angel card reading session with Breezy Spreadlove was very insightful, inspiring, and divinely on point. I felt very comfortable with Breezy’s compassionate, enthusiastic and encouraging demeanor during our session. Her connection to her divination decks and the spirit guides that aide in her process as an intuitive and a medium was an observably potent and active aspect of our session. Through her various mediums of communication with spirit and her trained ability to obverse and analyze human psychology Breezy was able to uncover layers of the issues at hand that I had missed in my own self-reflection. Her suggestions for new ways to process and make improvements in these areas of my life were very helpful. It’s been about 36 hours since my session and I am feeling genuinely positive and ongoing improvements in my mind, my spirit and the way I feel about my ability to improve the aspects of my life I have been actively working on.”

(5/15/18 – In Person)

Drew (Angel Session)

“I was a bit blown away with how on point Breezy was with the reading she did for me! She kept commenting on my eyes getting really big a couple of times when she revealed a new card. 🙂 The cards she picked for me gave me clarity even beyond what I was asking for guidance in and tied together several underlying issues I’ve been dealing with. Breezy is very “tapped in”; I would even say, clairvoyant. I highly recommend her services!”


(05/10/2018 Video Chat)

Mia (Angel Session)

This is an incredibly hard working person whose passion is to help others become there fullest selves… She’s very intuitively gifted and is available for one on one sessions for her angel card readings which have been extremely powerful.

(Mad Tea Party Jam Festival 2016 Co-Worker)

Nick Bryce *NikoZaNeko*

“Hi! I would just like to say that your class last week was amazing! It has completely changed the way I am viewing my life. I feel like you gave us a huge jolt of positive vibes right when we needed it the most and have sent us on a new path.
Thank you! I’m so happy we met and that we were able to attend your class.
Keep fighting the good fight! Hope you have a great day!” – Sarah Carman

(2018 Maryland, In-Person Group)

Maryland Stress Group

“She is consistently sharing uplifting and amazing content. She works hard to continue to bring you good advice and information to help you say healthy, stay light, and to not give up the fight! We are excited to see her on the Crystal Chalice Awards ballots again this year as she deserves recognition for all of her hard work. “

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