Drew (Angel Session)

“My angel card reading session with Breezy Spreadlove was very insightful, inspiring, and divinely on point. I felt very comfortable with Breezy’s compassionate, enthusiastic and encouraging demeanor during our session. Her connection to her divination decks and the spirit guides that aide in her process as an intuitive and a medium was an observably potent and active aspect of our session. Through her various mediums of communication with spirit and her trained ability to obverse and analyze human psychology Breezy was able to uncover layers of the issues at hand that I had missed in my own self-reflection. Her suggestions for new ways to process and make improvements in these areas of my life were very helpful. It’s been about 36 hours since my session and I am feeling genuinely positive and ongoing improvements in my mind, my spirit and the way I feel about my ability to improve the aspects of my life I have been actively working on.”

(5/15/18 – In Person)