~ Shelby (Angel Session) ~

I did an angel card reading with Breezy for the first time recently. I was totally unfamiliar with the process but intrigued and wanted to experience something new and get a fresh perspective on some struggles in my life. Breezy walked me through the process in a welcoming way. She had three decks for me to choose from and I chose the Archangel deck after she explained the differences between the deck options.

She first led me through a mediation to get my thoughts and body-centered, then guided me through the reading. We spoke about my life and Breezy was an attentive, empathetic listener. Using the archangel cards, she provided insight into my situation coupled with her background in psychotherapy. The deck didn’t dominate our conversation; the cards served more as a guide as we worked through processing my burning questions.

I enjoyed speaking with Breezy. She is warm, inviting, and easy to open up to. Her knowledge of the cards is thorough and I left the session with plenty to reflect on and think through. Not only that, but Breezy was helpful in providing me with some daily practices to help me remain in a positive mindset.

(05/10/2018 Video Chat)